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Meditalia, a real estate agency that makes use of the experience and professionalism of its employees, operating in the field of sales and rental of properties of various uses, the first Sicilian franchise that was established in January 2003 and immediately established itself in the sector real estate as a young agency, serious and efficient dynamics. The main purpose of its agents is to understand and interpret the wishes of those who buy, and give a fair and real assessment of the properties of those who sell. Customers are scrupulously followed from the beginning to the end of each negotiation. With the registration of the brand in front of Natale Morasca that after working both as a developer and as an affiliate for the most important real estate franchises of the time already present throughout Europe and after analyzing all the constraints and defects of the same companies in 2003 launches online the aforementioned franchise which has had an immediate success and operates in the real estate and financial market, a common portfolio where all the real estate agencies have the opportunity to take advantage. In 2018, after 15 years, the certified platform is launched and our properties are advertised in several countries including China and Russia, where in addition to the real estate market, you can find all the information on the laws in force for a purchase still more secure and guaranteed, and more. The same is addressed to all agencies that are holders of VAT and registration to the role of real estate agents who can register for free for 6 months and prove effectiveness.

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